Stainless Steel Machining Component Manufacturing

Ravikiran Engineering Works, an ISO 9001 2008 certified company, started in the year 1980 by the dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Kiran Doshi is a prominent name in manufacturing of stainless steel components today. (Mr. Anand Doshi joined the organization in the year 1991) Strong customer focus and painstaking quality consciousness are the hallmarks of this enterprise, which is committed to supplying superior quality machined stainless steel components at competitive prices to industries in India and abroad.

Their impressive client list comprising leading automobile, diesel engine, sensor manufacturers is growing every year, as their team of 75+ skilled professionals, continue to delight old customers and attract new ones with proficient delivery of custom made as well as standard components, proactive technical collaboration with clients and excellent services and documentation.

Two independent production runs, equipped with sophisticated machines inclusive of (but not limited to) CNC Lathes, VMC’s, Automats, Centreless Grinders and Thread rollers, advanced inspection facilities including (but not limited to) Profile Projector, Mitutoyo Linear Height Gauge – 2D Measurement and Surface Tester and factory premises of 10,000 sq.ft, with ample space for expansion,( A captive land bank of 70,000 sq. ft. provides us the flexibility of scaling up our operations should the need arise.) allows Ravikiran Engineering works to offer their customers a one-stop solution for manufacture of metal components using diverse materials like brass, aluminum and other alloys apart from stainless steel, which is their forte, in a wide range of component sizes ( 5 mm to 500 mm dimensions) and a variety of production batch volumes.

Over three decades, the company has matured from a promising start-up to a well-established set-up, with detailed planning and execution methodologies and checklists, and exhaustive quality control procedures at each stage of production.

State-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection technology, and rigorous internal inspection procedures,

over and above ISO 9001 compliance, and most of all, a motivated and diligent taskforce ensure superior quality, in shortest lead time at reasonable cost.

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