Commitment to Quality

Here at Ravikiran Engineering Works, the quality of what we produce is a fundamental part of our company’s ethos. We take time to review every enquiry we receive, and maintain good communication throughout the production process to ensure the final component not only meets but exceeds our customer’s high expectations. On receipt of order we complete a thorough contract review and discuss any variance with customers.

As well as our ISO 9001 2008 quality certification, we have a rigorous internal inspection regime in place for each stage of the production process.  Customer’s exact requirements and specifications are implemented and monitored, and for added piece of mind all our inspection and metrology equipment is externally calibrated. This thorough regime pays dividends and ensures the components we make meet the customer’s expectations.

We have many long standing customers in a vast array of industries due to the close attention to detail we pay and our team’s genuine interest in every project.

Quality Policy:

  • We at Ravikiran Engineering Works are involved in manufacturing of precision machined components as per customers’ requirements.
  • We are committed to continual improvement of quality management system.
  • We will strive to achieve this by continuously improving our quality, quantity, delivery lead time and pricing.
  • All products are manufactured using best quality raw-material as per customer requirements.

Quality Objectives:

  • Develop methods of identification of defects at an early stage, facilitating their prevention and timely actions.
  • Continuous improvement in process capability levels.
  • Regular training to employees enabling them to participate in accomplishment and fulfillment of our goals.
  • Develop a system based on teamwork and participation of individuals at all levels resulting in problem elimination and system improvement at respective functional level.